Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How Was "Tide" Detergent Named?

From Working Knowledge:

Proctor & Gamble's designers and marketers chose the name "Tide" and began assembling a brand identity to crystallize the product's qualities in the popular imagination. Fittingly (and in typically cantankerous fashion), Byerly provided a key marketing element for the new brand when Tide's advertisers, Benton & Bowles, interviewed the product development team in search of marketing ideas. According to the recollection of another researcher who sat in on the meeting, "Each time [Byerly] would try to explain a feature of Tide, one of the agency people would ask about Tide's sudsing. After several interruptions of this type, [Byerly], a little exasperated, said, `Oh, Tide makes oceans of suds.'" That slogan became a centerpiece of Tide's early marketing.

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posted by Staff @ 12:24 PM