Saturday, August 12, 2006

How Were "Pampers" Named?

From Wikipedia:

In 1961 Pampers were introduced. They were the creation of a man named Vic Mills who just happened to work for Procter & Gamble, and was looking for an easier way to diaper his granddaughter. He thought it was a mess to use cloth diapers and it occurred to him that the pulp mill owned by Procter and Gamble might produce a clean, absorbent paper that just might work for a disposable diaper. From that idea, Pampers were born. Mills assigned a group to research the possibility of designing a diaper that was absorbent, disposable and prevented leaks. He used the very first disposable diapers developed out of this project on his granddaughter. P. & G. tested this as-yet unnamed disposable diaper in Rochester, New York in 1959 and, after discarding early names such as Tads, Solos and Larks, came up with the Pampers brand. Pampers entered into a test market in Peoria, Illinois. Although the first test was unsuccessful, it led to an improved Pampers product at a lower cost that eventually replaced cloth diapers as the preferred way to diaper babies.

You can find Pampers on the web here.

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