Saturday, September 09, 2006

How Were "Pez Candies" Named?

Pez Candy
PEZ is the shortened name of PEZ Candy Inc. It is also the name of two of its product categories, namely:

  • Pressed, dry candies, straight-edged and shaped like 3/8-inch- (1-cm-) long bricks,
  • Pocket mechanical dispensers for such candy. (holds 12 pieces of pez candy)

    The name PEZ was derived from the German word for peppermint, Pfefferminz, the first PEZ flavor. PEZ was originally introduced in Austria, later exported, notably to the U.S., and eventually became available worldwide. The all-upper-case spelling of PEZ echoes the trademark's style of type on packaging and the dispensers themselves, drawn in perspective and looking as if the letters were built out of brick-like PEZ candies. (Wikipedia)

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    posted by Staff @ 8:25 AM